24option scam? Read our review before deposit


24option is one of the best brokers offering major guarantees and a great multimedia training center.
In order to help our clients to choose the right broker we decided to make a review of the best brokers on the internet. Considering the fact that in the world of online trading it is very easy to be scammed. At the first place of our chart, there is 24option.

The experience gained from 2009 has allowed 24option to become a real leader among the binary options broker platforms. In this review, we will try to highlight the main features of this trading platform and find out how it works 24option. This platform is phenomenal, with a full category of trading options that offer investment amounts to appeasing every budget.

24option is known to have a wide variety of assets to trade and a wide variety options to choose from to trade them with and it can all be done on a variety of different expiration times. A user can choose to trade binary options in currencies, stocks, indices or commodities. All these features have made 24option among the world’s largest binary options brokers.
You will see 24option is a simple to learn and user-friendly trading platform. It lets the investor really focus on his trading when he do not have to worry about finding his way around the different platform menus.

24option’s easy to use platform really does a nice job of making trading on its site straightforward and uncomplicated. 24option platform lays all the information out for the user so you can easily make decisions about your binary options trades. Like any type of investment, you must carefully look at binary options trading to see if it is right for you. Once you have decided that this type of trading is right for you, next you must learn about the various things that will make an investor successful when trading binary options. The best way to do this is to pick a broker like 24option that provides its many investors with a lot of learning tools to choose from.

Multimedia training center 24option

24option trading

The 24option platform, as well as offering the possibility of making investments, it has also assumed responsibility to teach trading to anyone, ever more numerous, enthusiastic facing the world of online trading with binary options. In a dedicated section of the platform you can find a real training center to improve your knowledge in the field of trading with binary options, putting you well on your way to become a profitable trader in the long term.

Under this section of the site, in fact, you have a real chance to learn strategies, concepts, financial tips and many other tricks of the trade, thanks to the wide variety of training tools available at your disposal. 24option offers you a chance to learn directly through the e-course live online. Thanks to this fantastic initiative, in fact, you have the opportunity to satisfy your curiosity or doubt about the online trading.

The tools you will find are:

EBook trading: it comes to e-books, downloadable from the site, and full of useful information for your successful activities in the field of trading. Ebooks on trading have never been as complete and satisfying as those of 24Option.

Interactive e-book: in addition to the classic type of e-book on 24Option are interactive e-book, the new type of e-book with which you can interact directly to understand the basics in trading binary options.

Early Closure: this section is intended to illustrate an important feature made available by 24Option, a function that allows you to limit losses and increase profits through the early closure of you trading operations.

Calculate deadline: in the final analysis, we highlight the presence of a section once the proper use of the maturities of binary options and the best times to make an investment.
In the same multimedia training center section, you will find also a series of short videos explaining the world of binary options made in succession. The most relevant topics covered in each video are: the world of global trading; the characteristics of binary options; trading is an art form; possibilities and risks; emotionality in trading; risk distribution.

24option free demo account

Based on the assumption that traders tend to be more profitable after they have had some time to practice on the site it become clear the reason why 24option offers its many investors a convenient demo account to practice with. It is nice for an investor to be able to practice trading without risking a dollar of his own money until he feels confident with binary options trading.

It is just one of the reasons that make 24option one of the best online binary options brokers to trade on.
24option has an outstanding and easy to use trading platform that is well supported by the convenient demo mode. Signup is easy also and only requires filling out a simple form and making a minimum deposit of at least 250$.

24option deposits can be paid in such currencies as: US dollars, British pounds or euros. It is important, if you sign up for the site, that you know that whatever currency you choose to use for the initial deposit, will also become the default currency as you trade, withdraw and make future deposits on the website.
Once your account has been established, then you will be eligible to receive the free demo account.

The demo mode almost perfectly mimics the real trading platform to provide the trader with the ultimate learning tool. The demo mode can be super beneficial to those investors that are new to trading binary options, but even experienced investors that are new to the site are encouraged to take advantage of the demo account too.

Deposit and withdrawals

Before you can make any kind of operation, you have to register at the broker’s website. Registration is of course free of charge and requires you to enter a few details. After entering the data, you will be sent an email confirmation to the address you specified.

We highly recommend using real data; otherwise, the account can not be opened. Once inside your account, you can make your first deposit that allows you to start investing in binary options. The deposit interface of 24option is very simple to comprehend. It is obviously simple if one who has never traded can do it. In addition to that, it is fast and very safe to use, you can deposit your funds in British pounds, US dollars or euros and though digital payment.

With all that’s going on the world today, safety while trading is essential. Minimum deposit amount offered by 24option broker is 250£, $, € and it will allow the user to enter the site as a standard account holder. Larger deposits will often allow an investor to enter the website at a higher account level that come with more benefits and features that the standard account level. The funding type also has a minimum account deposits that are associated with it.

There are various methods of funding allowed for online binary trading, like clients can deposit funds by using credit card ( visa, mastercard, carte bleue, dankort, maestro, laser and discover); electronic payments (moneybookers, money gram); or through bank transfer. The simple process afforded by 24option makes it more enjoyable.

The withdrawal standard of 24option is without a doubt more convenient of many other brokers out there.
Anyway, the trader must consider many things besides the cost of the withdrawal before making one. It is a good idea to leave some extra money in a binary options account if the markets are volatile at the current time or the outlook for the markets being volatile in the near term is high.

24option bonus

All of us like a little something unexpected financially from time to time and this is exactly what the 24option binary trading site offers its many investors. They have one of the most generous sign up bonuses in the binary options online market and they offers new users up to a 100% bonus on their initial deposit. Every trader can get from 70% to 100% of bonus depending on the deposit made. The 24option bonus can be withdrawn by the trader only at the achievement of a minimum number of operations, or to the achievement of the minimum requirement of trading volume.

In these cases, the trader may also withdraw the bonus offered by 24option. Instead, in case the operations have ended in a negative way for the trader, the broker does not ask for any reimbursement to the trader. One of the main conditions connected to the bonus is that a trader has to make some trades before he can withdraw the fund; we are talking about a number usually equal to 50 times the bonus amounts.

Free trading signals 24option

Now we are going to explore another important service offered by the broker 24option.
The service that we are presenting concerns free trading signals for binary options provided by 24option.
Trading signals are displayed just inside the trading platform, so you can invest more quickly. We remember the trading signals provided by 24option are completely free.
Obviously not all signals appear to be fairly reliable, 24 option therefore classifies them according to their reliability.

So you can easily recognize the good signals from the fake ones thanks to the color they are, that is to say:

Green signal (it indicates the high reliability);

Yellow signal (signal likely to be exploited by caution and using little capital);

Red signal (signal unlikely. In the sense that could lead to a negative closing, but that would probably be right risk to follow, in the case where the economic return is high).


24option trading example


24option customer service

The 24option broker offers the ability to leverage a customer service open hours 24–24,7-7 days.
Customer support can be reached via email or call center. Therefore, if nothing else we have mentioned until now encourages you to at least give 24option a chance, their superior customer service will win you over at every phase. It is most important to be provided great customer service and this has been our discovery at every phase of 24option.

It is essential that we mention also the significant number of available languages for 24option. This is a great asset for international traders who desire to trade in their native language. Most of the support comes through in English but there is support available in 13 other languages. All this is in order to provide excellent customer service in a prompt and professional manner, anywhere in the world.

24option partners

The broker 24option has recently announced the partnership with the famous Italian football club Juventus F. C. A very good deal that should increase the revenue for both parties and help each further promote their brand and keep them established as leaders in their respective industries.
With the links between partners, 24option is set to become a Juventus partner that will have both off-line rights and marketing rights to some of their product.

It the willingness to create these types of partnership that will keep 24option on the top of the binary options trading field for a long time to come. It shows the willingness of the company to be aggressive and do whatever it takes to keep 24options as one of the most popular online binary options brokers.

Our opinion

Binary options trading is a market type trading strategy that has grown substantially in just a few short years. It is a largely self-regulating industry that relies heavily on word of mouth to help each individual binary options broker grow. It should also be noted that self-regulating industries often put out the best product at the fairest prices. With that being said, 24option does fall under the watchful eye of Cysec, which is one of the main binary options regulating bodies.

Cysec members do follow some basic guidelines that give their sites more credibility.
24option offers a quality-trading platform that offers return on investments that are typically larger than any other type of market trading.

24option is also known for having a website that is very user friendly and caters both to novice and veteran traders alike. In addition to be somewhat regulated, 24option helps to establish even more legitimacy by being fully transparent website when it comes to such things as banking fees and costs. There are no hidden costs or fees and the fees they do have are fully disclosed on the website itself.

Any questions or concerns that the sites many users have are quickly and expertly answered by the efficient and well-trained customer support team. All this add up to a site that lets its investors worry only about trading and provides them with a relaxing trading environment.

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