New technologies and advice trading evolution


Technology is an essential need in everybody’s life.
New technologies and advice:
Without technology, many things would not, be able to materialize. On the one hand, technology has made our lives more enjoyable and easy, while, on the other hand, because of technology we are spending more time in doors than outside. Actually, almost everything revolves around technology nowadays. Technology has strongly affected also the financial world: crowd funding; peer-to-peer lenders; online trading activities.

The banking system too has made considerable progress in this direction: home banking; mobile payments; bit coin; robot-advisers.
Obviously if the banking means are changing, the bank will have new needs in terms of staff. Concerning this matter, it is very important to underline that the most requested professional figure of the last ten years in the developed part of the world is that one of the private banker.

A private banker is a professional adviser who offers personalized banking, investment and other financial services provided by banks to high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), that is to say account holders with very high levels of income or sizable assets. We are talking about people with a minimum wealth of one million dollar net of the house they are living in, but banks are free to fix the minimum standards they want in order to grant access to this service to more people.

The term “private” refers to customer service rendered on a more personal basis than in mass-market retail banking. In addition to providing exclusive investment-related advice, a private banker has to go beyond managing investments to address a client’s entire financial situation. The services a private banker offers include protecting and growing assets in the present, providing specialized financial solutions, planning retirement and passing wealth on to future generations.

New technologies and advice HNWI and finance

The private banker play a crucial role in the relationship between the HNWI and the bank and because of this training and retaining highly qualified professionals is a high priority for most banks. Not only must these individuals have well-developed personal skills and financial analysis talent, but they must remain loyal enough to the institution to remain there and to keep client relationships ongoing.

Private banking is based on very personal relationships between clients and their managers, so keeping those private banking professionals well compensated and satisfied is a growing concern. New incentive programs and other compensation packages, along with succession programs for substituting relationship managers have become more common throughout the industry.

Now, in a society where people have less and less time to go to the bank and to sit to talk about their own wealth the professional figure of the adviser have necessarily to evolve to a higher step.

the new technologies and advice consist to offer to the client a range of services highly technological, competitive, fast and effective. Technology is literally transforming finance and new technologies such as mobile phones, tablet PC, virtual realities, smart tv and other devices are strongly supporting the modern advice. This way a private banker is able to offer an advice less onerous or annoying and more sustainable and digitalized.

The real goal is to make the adviser always in total commitment to the customer, listening to him, advising him and developing together. The client should be able to contact the private banker every time he needs him by means of mobile phone or other devices only this way the adviser could become the architect of the client financial projects.