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Investing Group is a company that deals with consulting, training and information, providing financial/economic news in Forex trading, CFDs, Diamonds and Binary Trading, it’s composed by Angelo di Marino and Davide Costa and by our technical support Evelyn Tejera to ensure a professional assistance.

Angelo di Marino and Davide Costa are two young boys aged 30 years and 24 years old residing in Panama, where the company headquarters is located in Av. Balboa, Panama 0833-00321 Panama City – Panama. Investing Group works with some of the Panamanian financial consulting firm.

In 2010 together they followed some trading courses as: Money Management, Psychology of trading, with the company, “Trading y Bolsa para Torpes“, “IQ online course” with “CFB Centro de Formacion en Bolsa“, “online trading academy“in Orlando, Florida, one of the most prestigious courses in the world, and others high-level courses, these topics were explored through research on the internet and by reading some books, but at the end of everything that led them to success has been the lot of practice of every day, trying different markets, different strategies with demo and real accounts, everyday Investing Group traders analyze the charts, no robots, no autotrader or similar things. Believe in yourself so you can get success, using a strategy that all professional traders around the world normally use to perform in online trading, therefore considering the management of money, volatility, then considering the emotions and psychology.

Online Trading is the most liquid market in the world, where the money should work for you, if you want to start this experience and have a little income or more, the all you can do is to start with our team.

-Investing Trading Group analyzes and studies each investment sent, with technical analysis and risk management. Any customer choose if it is appropriate to open a trade based on the own capital

-Our education

There’s 2 parts of our training, the first is where once logged in our reserved area, you will have trading tools such as “indicators, economic calendar, support and resistance tools and more.” Then video tutorials that explain in detail the various strategies, such as taking an investment, the basics of technical analysis, how to understand the market trends, the best entry points and much more.

The second part is to have a private training via Skype with one of our traders, in some cases in collaboration with our brokers with weekly webinars.

-Our Forex/CFD consulting

Our consulting is to receive weekly Forex signals through a chat every time we see entry points, can be from 1 to about 5, or even “0“, this depends on the market, you will receive fully information of pending order, then you will receive take-profit and stop loss. In this you will receive all the information, analysis and risk management, with these full information you can choose if invest or not your money.

forex example

-Profits on Forex/CFD

Profits in the Forex world are from about 4% to 10% per month, this margin depends on two factors, the first how much capital you have to invest, “very important factor“, and not depend on us, and especially how many opportunities there the market offers in a day or in a period of time, which can be in a week or month.

-Our consulting in Binary Trading, how many sessions and which time

Consulting service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 until 19:00 UTC/GMT via telegram chat that works on PCs, smartphones and tablets.
The signals can vary from 0,1,2,4 per day, does not depend on us but by the possibilities that the market offers, Angelo di Marino and Davide Costa are always connected for analyzing charts to search the best opportunities to invest together with the group, in the private area there is video tutorial which explains well how to take advantage of all our services, how to read our signals and take the trades, please note that 4-10 min before the signal we sent an attention to the group chat, example: attention EUR/USD PUT, so people who are connected and want to invest have the time to prepare, then in the meantime, we send a technical analysis of the investment, also providing the risks of the investment and if it’s dangerous. Then we send the real signal, example: EUR/USD 1.31855 call 14:00 UTC/GMT, well specified all you have to do is copy the signal in your platform.

trading example

-Profits in Binary Trading

The profits in the Binary Trading are about 7% to 30% per month, this margin depends on three factors, the first is the money you have to invest, the second how long you you trading in a day and the third fact is how much the market give us opportunities in a day or in a period of time, which can be in a week or month, not every day are equal.

-Percentage of positive trades on Binary Trading

We are a company that don’t thinks in this way, because you don’t earn signals but you earn money, so for example in the first of the month you started with a balance of $1000 and start earning $200, you will have $1200, then the next week another $300, so will be in total $1500 and then last week lost some money and get back to $1300 and closed the month, then you earned $300 that month, it’s 30% of capital, this is a practical example of how much you earn.

-How Investinggrouptrading.com earn money and why the Forex service, CFD, Diamond and Binary Trading is free for our customers?

All our services are free for our clients, you only need to open an account by one of our regulated brokers

Why don’t you pay?:

As company we have a profit of 10% when our clients invest and earn, we will not touch your money, if a customer loses money we as a company do not lose nothing, but we would have no profit, that’s why it is in our interest that our customers knows how to invest, so we will offer you all the tools to become a trader, along with our training, webinars and signals.


1. Delete all COOKIES from your browser. By PC press “COMMAND“+”SHIFT“+”DEL
2. Open an account with one of our brokers located in our “HOME PAGE” and make registration and deposit “must be a broker ever used in the past
3. After opening the account with the broker must create your account on our site, at the top right in “reserved area”, register, and complete the form.
4. Send all documents to the broker
5. Your account will be in pending until the completion of these simple steps, time to check the data entered and you will be accepted, you will receive an email from us with the acceptance of your account. (Caution sometimes the email arrives on spam).


1. Important tools and websites for invest in Forex, CFD, Diamonds and Binary Options
2. Technical analysis in Forex and CFD “CONSULTING IN FOREX,CFD
3. Group for invest with Binary Options from Monday to Friday “CONSULTING IN BINARY TRADING
4. The ability to request a demo account, the bonus in Forex, CFDs and Binary Options, depending on the broker you chosen
5. Many basic information about online trading and detailed explanations on the study of the charts
6. Angelo di Marino and Davide Costa will tell you all about the trading with professionalism
7. Video tutorials that will show you what to look before you invest and when to invest, with price of entry, practical example and money management.
8. All this is constantly updated by us and always ready to answer your questions!

Terms and Conditions of the service: “Terms and Conditions

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Sincerely, Investing Group Trading.