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macbook mirror tradingFlexible Automated Trading with AvaTrade

Make Mirror Trading with one of the most complete and flexible automated trading platforms on the market, the AvaTrade broker with MetaTrader 4 lets you automatically copy the investments of experienced analysts directly into your account.

Why Do Mirror Trading?

Your account is linked to a team of experienced traders where you will copy operations automatically, opening/closing positions

It is NOT a robot but a system where a professional analyst opens the position on his account and automatically copies this investment to your trading account

By Choosing Mirror Trading all you have to do is withdraw the money at the end of the month

If you do not have time because of your job, this is the right solution

A monthly average return of 12% on invested capital

The only commission is 30% on the profits that are generated

You can start with a minimum deposit of 500 euros


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Key Features of Mirror Trading

The Live charts tab is set at the heart of the MetaTrader 4 platform. Within the tab, traders can open several charts; each can be customised according to a different traded instrument, time frame, and chart type. Traders can add multiple oscillators and view the sentiment towards the instruments, i.e. the amount of users and strategy providers holding buy or sell positions in the specific instrument. The chart can be expanded and minimised and it also includes zooming abilities for a closer view.

In line with AvaTrade’s commitment to empower traders, AvaTrade chooses the most advanced and user-friendly platforms for its clients, in order to optimise their trading experience. The Mirror Trading is accessible to all AvaTrade clients, the user-friendly platform is simple and quick to learn, also offers a walkthrough tutorial as well as online help and support.

Mirror Trading is made by licensed traders in collaboration with the AvaTrade broker. The mirror trading service is not provided by Mirror Bank FX site but is only sponsored

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